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Improving Subcontractor Safety

What happens when there is a safety incident or accident on your site? After treating the injured, the cause is reviewed and the on-site safety director determines how it could have been prevented. Because hindsight is 20/20, it is important to shift the focus to preventing accidents by unsafe behavior well before a shovel hits the ground. Therefore, what can higher education facilities managers and vice presidents specifically do to reduce error and improve subcontractor safety?

Director of Safety Brings New Perspective

Welliver has always had a strong foundation built on safety – we keep it at the
core of everything we do. To us, it means more than just construction site statistics; we value our team members and their families, and their well-being is always our main priority. No one knows and understands that better than Dale Partridge, our full-time Director of Safety, who is an integral part of the Welliver team.


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