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O'Connor/Johnson Hall Rehabilitation Complete

O'Connor/Johnson Hall Rehabilitation Complete

 By Welliver


The renovations to SUNY Binghamton's Old O'Connor/Johnson Halls are now complete. Welliver managed the construction, which included a total renovation of two of the oldest residential halls on Binghamton's campus.


The scope of work included asbestos removal and complete demolition of all interior partitions and building systems; new interior (fully insulated) walls, ceilings, floors, equipment, furnishings and doors; complete removal and renovation of existing restrooms; new mechanical, electrical, lighting, communication and IT infrastructure and emergency generator; sitework and landscaping; and the construction of a new four-story link, which unified the two buildings and added approximately 7,500 square feet of space. Upon completion, four major classroom spaces were added, and office spaces were created for Information Technology, Geography, Counseling Center, and External Affairs, effectively freeing up other campus facilities for further expansion of the University's academic programs and services.


View a slideshow of the completed project

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