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CMoG North Wing Expansion

Contemporary Art + Design Wing and Hot Shop Promenade The Nature Gallery History & Material Gallery Amphitheater Hot Shop

Project Info

Name: North Wing Expansion

Client: Corning Museum of Glass

Location: Corning, New York

Project Summary

Welliver, along with a joint venture partner, managed the North Wing Expansion project to construct the new Contemporary Art + Design Wing gallery space with custom glass façade and skylight system and the Hot Shop Amphitheater, a 500-seat hot glass show venue. During construction, our on-site superintendents relied on their general construction background and their solid rapport with area subcontractors to manage every piece of the project from the concrete foundations and superstructure to the serpentine wall and skylight systems. The design progressed throughout the project and called for several long-lead materials that were manufactured overseas, so to mitigate schedule delays and maintain communication out in the field our team conducted numerous coordination meetings to identify areas of work that could be completed out of sequence. Our MEP coordinator also utilized Building Information Modeling (BIM) to detect clashes amongst the building systems early to reduce change orders and delays in the field and maximize what limited space was available above the ceiling. Throughout the project’s three-year duration, the museum remained fully operational due to the coordination, communication and leadership provided by the project team, and now has 100,000 additional square feet to house more than 70 pieces of glass artwork and welcome the over 400,000 people that visit each year.


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The Welliver team provided a design-build delivery for the Amphitheater Hot Shop's complex building envelope system. 



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