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Director of Safety Brings New Perspective

Director of Safety Brings New Perspective


Welliver has always had a strong foundation built on safety – we keep it at the core of everything we do. To us, it means more than just construction site statistics; we value our team members and their families, and their well-being is always our main priority. No one knows and

understands that better than Dale Partridge, our full-time Director of Safety, who is an integral part of the Welliver team.


While we have consistently provided regular safety training programs and opportunities to pursue safety certifications for all employees, Dale brings a diverse background and new perspective to the Welliver family. As he leads the company’s Corporate Safety Program and Committee, his goal is to create a more proactive workforce to keep Welliver at the forefront of safety in the construction industry.


“As a company firmly invested in its employees and the community,” said Dale, “our main goal is and always has been to ensure that all employees can arrive at work safely, perform their work safely, and return home safely to their families every single day.”


Our policies on the job have always been designed around protection and security for our employees and the companies we work with. Welliver’s Safety Committee, comprised of field personnel, supervisory personnel, and members of the company leadership team, tracks and reinforces safety training compliance for all team members on our sites, as well as evaluates the company's internal safety program and policies to ensure that all sites are up-to-date on current OSHA standards. Dale’s approach adds another level of safety by better preparing our employees through expanded trainings, weekly site safety inspections, and an increased focus on Near Miss Reporting to identify potential risks on our jobsites, which can then be targeted and remedied before an incident can happen.


"We always put safety first," said Dale, "that's our commitment to our people, our subcontractors, and our customers. Everyone associated with our sites goes through safety training and we function under a policy that if you see something, you own it. We also have policies and procedures set in place that empower our team members to take the next steps to immediately correct any safety issues on-site."


With his diverse knowledge of OSHA regulations and previous military and State Police experience, Dale has an unwavering attention to detail and an ability to forecast safety risks at every turn. He has also earned his Construction Health and Safety Specialist certification and his Safety Professional Certificate from the OSHA Education Center at the Rochester Institute of Technology, meaning that he is now a certified instructor able to teach the OSHA 10- and 30-hour construction safety trainings to our employees and making him a true authority for safety and compliance for the company.


"We hire the absolute best craftsmen for all of our jobs and one accident can have a significant negative impact on our jobsites, our people, and their families," said Dale, "so we certainly plan on continuing with our commitment to safety so that all of our team members can be confident and feel safe when they come to work."  


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