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At Welliver, we recommend making your pre-construction phase count by including construction management experts on your team – professionals who understand estimating, planning and building – before you put your project out to bid.

PreConstruction Services


Every year, more clients rely on us during preconstruction because they know that we'll find ways to resolve constructability issues, manage costs and schedules so that they achieve the most value for their investment.  More often than not, their initial investment pays off in terms of time and savings.


While there is a tendency to think that the need for pre-construction management only applies to large projects, most every project benefits because of the valuable services provided. 


Program Management

Have an idea but don’t know where to start? Welliver’s Program Management Team is a valuable resource to get your next project up and running. Our century of experience equates to having the knowledge necessary to develop a project seamlessly – from internal reviews and approvals, to hiring a design team, and applying for funding.


Pre-Construction Estimating

At Welliver, longevity in the industry and history of repeat business has given us the tools and experience to provide "conceptual estimates" during preconstruction so that you can make the right decisions.  There is a very strong chance that we worked on or near the building/campus on which you are planning your next project.


We use a proprietary pricing program that combines decades of historical unit prices with basic characteristics of the desired facility. The output we receive gives the Owner and our estimating team a platform to continue to collaborate and develop the project concept by then adding unique attributes and value alternatives, which are then tested in a variety of pricing scenarios to find the perfect combination of building features and budget. The Pre-Consult Program is ready to help any Owner, commercial or private, begin the conversation of building a facility without a high initial investment.

Pre-Consult Program

Click here to demo the Welliver Pre-Consult Program and begin the idea exploration process.


The Welliver BIM & CCD Program

The way we build is continually changing and at the forefront of this evolution is Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology. Welliver has in-house resources within the Pre-Construction Team to take a 3-dimensional look at the ins and outs of the building before a shovel hits the ground. BIM is quickly becoming today’s norm and it is a platform through which designer, engineer, owner and construction manager can interface, collaborate and succeed.


To learn more about Welliver’s BIM capabilities and Coordination & Clash Detection Program, click here.


Additional Preconstruction ServicesWelliver PreConstruction Services

Bid Strategy Development

Project Team Communication

Strategy Development

Project Planning

Cost Accounting & Control

Project Document Development

K-12 Pre-Referendum Services

  • Project Planning
  • Strategy Development
  • Project Team Communication
  • Budget Development


Case in Point

Our experience at Cornell University's West Campus Initiative, a five-phase residential housing project, is a great example of how preconstruction management creates savings.  By bringing the Welliver Preconstruction Team in early on Phase I, they were able to work closely with Cornell and the design time to reduce a 30% per-phase project overage so that the project cost would be in line with the client's means and schedule. The project ended up being delivered 18 months ahead of schedule due, in part, to the effective job of the Preconstruction Team, which laid the groundwork for the rest of the project to transpire successfully. 

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