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Self Perform Trades


As a century-old construction company, Welliver is strongly embedded in the heritage of construction throughout New York state.  We frequently refer to ourselves as “general contractors who know how to manage, and construction managers who understand construction.” Welliver routinely self-performs a number of key trades associated with construction projects including concrete, masonry, light steel erection and finish carpentry.


Self-Perform ServicesAs a company we believe there is a compelling argument to maintain a construction workforce that is directly employed by Welliver. First and foremost, we believe this philosophy has several tangible benefits to any customer for whom we provide services.  Second, Welliver continues to have a presence in the general construction industry and routinely competes in the competitive bidding environment associated with a variety of municipal and state construction projects.  This allows Welliver to provide our construction management clients with the latest estimating and cost information for their projects.  It also enables Welliver to be in position to develop our own cost history as it relates to the trades.  


Again, this benefits our clients by allowing Welliver to provide accurate unit cost information for the larger components of projects.  Lastly, it is part of Welliver’s history, as well as our culture, to employ the best in the industry. 


Welliver maintains a crew of approximately 60 masons and 240 carpenters.  The carpenters would be used for all formwork and stripping work; the masons would be called to place, finish and cure all of our self-performed concrete work.  Many times you find the concrete work associated with any structure on the critical path of the schedule.  


It is our motto to start the project out right and with our supervision, we are able to ensure the accuracy of all elements of foundation and slab work.  Also, by using our own forces, we are given the flexibility to man the job per its requirements and are not subject to a subcontractor’s manpower shortage. 

The demands for quality as it relates to the architectural features of a building remain high on almost every client list, particularly those trying to match existing campus structures. Currently there is a significant shortage of masonry tradesman throughout the industry,
 in not only Western New York, but the entire country.  


Welliver staffs an award-winning masonry division that includes a significant number of skilled craftsmen, inclusive of foremen and superintendents.  With a trained masonry crew and experienced superintendents, we are able to meet the exacting standards in place at every project that we self-perform.  


We are also able to maintain accurate cost information for masonry work due to the detailed reporting of field operations.  Project managers and staff spend time analyzing labor reports and developing different scenarios for enhanced levels of productivity. Welliver's masonry team is also able to take on a management capacity of masonry construction and installation so that the client can rest assured that the work has been double-checked for quality, stability and aesthetics. 


Finish Carpentry
Welliver’s commitment to quality is second to none.  It is a cornerstone of our mission and vision.  As such, many times we feel compelled to encourage owners to allow Welliver the opportunity to self-perform the finish carpentry work on their project.  


Finish carpentry is ultimately what the end users see and if there are discrepancies in the quality, it will leave a lasting impression.  Generally, Welliver will self-perform the installation of all doors, hardware, and architectural millwork.  Our reputation is on the line and as a result of our attention to detail and our commitment to quality over 80 percent of our work annually is with repeat customers.

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