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General Construction


In addition to providing Program and Construction Management services, clients are also able to work with Welliver through the General Construction capacity. We have the resources and respect in the field needed to complete a job from the ground up with our forces.


During the construction phase of the project, Welliver will provide administrative management and related services as necessary to supervise, monitor and coordinate the work of all trade contractors. General Construction

  • Establish, implement and maintain procedures
  • Establish an organizational structure
  • Maintain a highly qualified full-time professional staff
  • On-site daily coordination meetings
  • Weekly project/coordination meetings
  • Develop a site specific comprehensive safety program
  • Expedite the review and approval of submittal process
  • Coordinate work with other trades
  • Coordinate all testing performed by others
  • Provide in-house estimating support
  • Obtain and document approval of all changes
  • Issue and update the monthly report, project schedule and anticipated cost report 
  • Review payment applications for compliance with scheduled work-in-progress


During the procurement and construction phase of the program, Welliver will prepare a precedence diagram for construction activities.  It will be Welliver’s responsibility to recognize discrepancies between the construction phase schedule and actual work being performed. 

Welliver’s cost control system permits team members and Welliver to make timely adjustments to the design and construction program where necessary so the project is completed within budget. 


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