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Eric Hadlock Named Project Safety Director at Welliver

Welliver is pleased to welcome Eric Hadlock as Project Safety Director.

Hadlock works hard to establish and promote a worksite where safety is at the forefront and successful project completion is the outcome. Paired with extensive OSHA training and certifications, he will be responsible for the overall status and facilitation of the company’s safety compliance, tracking, reporting, documentation, and oversight of all on-site safety managers. Hadlock will create an environment of personal accountability and play an integral role in maintaining Welliver’s position as a leader in workplace safety.

“Safety has been an essential part of Eric’s diverse career background,” said Anne Welliver-Hartsing, President. “He will be a valuable addition to our team with a focus on building safety awareness and helping people understand the need to follow safety procedures and protocols.”

Hadlock’s previous work experience has provided him with opportunities to master strict attention to detail as well as the ability to forecast and correct potential risks to employees on the jobsite. Leveraging significant experience in the United States Army and the New York State Division of State Police, together with strong discipline and adherence to rules and regulations, Eric is recognized for his commitment to promoting safe work environments.

“Safety is a way of life at Welliver,” said Hadlock. “I continuously challenge myself to look for improved methods to make the safety environment stronger. Everyone should feel valued and safe at the worksite, while being empowered and motivated to put forth maximum effort.”

A graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, Hadlock is trained and certified in numerous programs conducted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).