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Evan Jordan joins Welliver as Assistant Project Manager

Welliver is pleased to welcome Evan Jordan as Assistant Project Manager.

Jordan has a life-long passion for building. Whether it’s a traditional renovation using brick and mortar, or new construction of non-traditional design, his love for the built environment all started with a few side jobs running machines for his uncle. From an early age Jordan has been intrigued by watching the progression of a project, seeing how all the stages of construction come together from breaking ground to cutting the ribbon and all the steps in between. Prepared to be a problem solver, Jordan’s management style is to assess the situation, address the issue, and recommend the best course of action. For Jordan, all construction is a team effort and works hard to ensure everyone is on the same page to secure a successful, safe, and efficient project. In his role as assistant project manager at Welliver, he will assist in the day-to-day operation on the construction site, coordinate subcontractors and materials, and oversee labor and safety management. In addition, Jordan will apply his skills in organizing, estimating, scheduling, and quality assurance to navigate the ever-changing construction landscape and find new ways to solve problems and build more efficiently.

“I’m excited for Evan to begin adding value to our team very quickly,” said Anne Welliver-Hartsing, President. “His energy and enthusiasm for his work will be contagious and an enhancement to any team he is placed with.”

Previously, Jordan worked for several regional excavating and paving companies where he gained valuable hands-on experience operating heavy equipment, managing safety, coordinating crews, installing residential and commercial drainage, site grading, and pouring concrete.

“My approach is to get it done right the first time. Communication and quality control are essential to the day-to-day needs at the project site, client outreach, as well as workplace efficiency,” said Jordan. “I am eager to leverage my skills in these areas, get out into the field, roll up my sleeves, and contribute to the success of our projects.”