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Katie Watkins joins Welliver as Assistant Project Manager

Welliver is pleased to welcome Katie Watkins as Assistant Project Manager.

Watkins has always been interested in the way buildings are designed. After starting her career on the architectural design side of the industry, she was surprised to discover that construction was her true passion – playing an active part in the process, getting her boots dirty out in the field, developing relationships with owners and subcontractors, walking the jobsite, and watching a project evolve from conceptual design to a completed functional building.

In her role as assistant project manager at Welliver, Watkins will assist in the day-to-day operation on the construction site, coordinate subcontractors and materials, and oversee labor and safety management. In addition, she will leverage her field experience as well as skills in organizing, scheduling, site inspections, and quality assurance to help her navigate the ever-changing construction landscape and find new ways to make the construction process more efficient.

“Welliver is proactive in building interest in the construction industry, especially for women who can play an important role in bridging the gap between project management and the field,” said Anne Welliver-Hartsing, President. “Katie’s natural skillsets – organization, communication, attention to detail, and ability to see the big picture will bring a different approach and valuable perspective to our projects.”

Previously, Watkins worked as a field engineer for a renewable energy company where she gained valuable hands-on experience managing challenging and heavy workloads while integrating project management with field operations.

“Welliver is a good fit for me – the size of projects, variety of market sectors, corporate environment, and opportunities offered to women in construction will help me grow my career,” said Watkins. “I am eager to fully understand the role of each team member, embrace and learn from their diverse backgrounds and skillsets, and champion team collaboration to ensure the project’s success.”